A truly healthy society enables everyone to participate, engage, and benefit. At PCF, we work together with a single-minded focus. Driven by passion not profit, our team is committed to building technology and services that make a difference.

We develop technology and services that ensure everyone has access to all that the internet has to offer. From the abundance of free education available, to gaining insights about the many different cultures around the globe, information is critical to building a more equitable and peaceful society.

Our flagship initiative, Amara, is focused on making all online media content accessible to everyone. This award winning technology makes it easy to caption or subtitle video, create your own teams of volunteers or paid translators; and/or purchase subtitles from our passionate team of professional linguists. Amara is designed to engage people across the globe to bridge language and accessibility barriers. A technology that fosters collaboration and inclusion.

  • We are a completely remote organization. Work from home, or anywhere in the world!

  • We're committed to fostering a diverse community and culture. Join a team of coworkers from all different walks of life.

  • Contribute to a cause that has an impact on the world.

Our Team

Meet some of the passionate and fun-loving individuals who carry out our mission.

  • Sam Slottow

    Recruiting/Onboarding Specialist

  • Dean Jansen

    Executive Director

  • Aleli Alcala

    Chief Operations and Sustainability Officer

  • Kenzie Slottow

    Product Development Manager

  • Margarita Shamraeva

    Quality Assurance Manager

  • Ben Dean-Kawamura

    Chief Engineer

  • Allison Buford

    Product Specialist